Staff List

Foundation Stage Unit

EYFS Room Leader Mrs. Angela Rose (nursery 2-3 room)
EYFS Teachers Miss Hannah Knighton (nursery  3-4 room)
Mrs. Beth Ives (reception)

Support Assistants (C.C.)

Mrs. Rachel Mackinnon
Mrs. Tara Barrott,
Miss Vicky Crook
Mrs. Claire Fish
Mrs. Claire Lavin 
Mrs. Erica Smith
Team Leader (EYFS & Y1) Mrs. Claire Woodsford

Key Stage One and Lower Stage Two Department

Year 1 Class Teacher    Miss Catherine Lea
Year 1 Support Mrs. Debbie Bird
Mrs. Sarah Manderson
Year 2 Class Teacher Miss Frankie Greenhalgh
Year 2 Support Mrs Tracey Smith
Team Leader Mrs. Claire Woodsford (part time teaching commitment in EYFS)

Key Stage Two Department

Year 3 Class Teacher Miss Rose Baulk
Year 3 Support Miss Margaret Corrigan
Year 4 Class Teacher Mr. Nick Webster
Year 4 Support  Mrs. Jane Platt 
One to One SSA Miss Steph Appleby
Year 5 Class Teacher  Mr. Tony Mitchell
Year 5 Support  Mrs. Vanessa Parkinson
One to One SSA Mrs. Anita Brown
Year 6 Class Teacher  Miss Natasha Holmes
Year 6 Support Mrs. Catherine Richardson
Team Leader  Mrs. Sarah Loy (part time teaching commitment within Year 6) 

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Stephen Tierney
Acting Executive Head Teacher    Mrs. Sarah Smith 
Deputy Head Teacher  Mrs. Sarah Loy
Assistant Head Teacher - Cross Trust Mrs. Oanh Crouch 
Miss Heather Martin
Early Years' Lead and KS1 Lead Mrs. Claire Woodsford
Acting Assistant Head Teacher/SENDCO Mr. Daniel Flannigan-Salmon

Administration Team

Administration Assistant (C.C)    Mrs. Michelle Ormerwood
Miss Marie Sola
Administration Assistant Mrs. Joanne Kellett
Mrs. Collette Crankshaw

Planning Preparation and Assessment Time (P.P.A) and Newly Qualified Teacher Time (NQT) Facilitators

Foundation    Mrs. Claire Woodsford
KS1 Mrs. Jenny Lee
Mrs. Oanh Crouch
KS2  Mrs. Jenny Lee
Mrs. Oanh Crouch
Mrs. Sarah Loy 

Extended Provision Team

After School Club Leader Miss Steph Appleby
Breakfast Club Facilitators  Mrs. Maureen Little 
Mrs. Pat Badowski
After School Club Facilitators  Mrs. Anita Brown
Mrs. Vanessa Parkinson

Children and Families Support Team

Learning Mentor Mrs. Esther Hemingway
Family Engagement Workers (C.C)    Mrs. Catherine Stashkiw
School Nurse  Mrs. Barbara Wilson
Pupil Welfare Officer  Mr. Eddie Matthews 

Caretaking and Cleaning

Site Supervision Mr. Tim Wright
Cleaners Mrs. Anna Boltuc
Miss Geraldine Mowles
Mrs. Debbie Wheelhouse
Mr. Paul Moore
Mrs. Michelle Green

Special Needs and Behaviour Support Team

SENDCO Mr. Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
Safeguarding Leads  Mrs. Sarah Loy
Support Assistant  Mrs. Anita Brown (SEN)
Miss Steph Appleby (SEN)
Miss Margaret Corrigan (SEN) 
Mrs. Angela Holmes (Speech & Language)
Mrs. Sylwia Klich (EAL)
SHINE Support and Intervention Miss Michelle Walker

Welfare Assistants

Reception    Mrs. Patricia Badowski 
Nursery Mrs. Anna Boltuc
Nursery Mrs. Agata Posylec
Year 1  Mrs. Anita Brown 
Year 2 Mrs. Maureen Little 
Year 3  Mrs. Margaret Tanner 
Year 4 Miss Geraldine Mowles
Year 5 Mr. Paul Moore
Year 6 Mrs. Carole Rawlinson