Creative Students

Creative Students around Blackpool

Last week creative students have been in our school enjoying a variety of themes. On Monday the children enjoyed an “opening” assembly where each class received their challenge and the name of their famous British person. They had a wonderful visit from Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

Year 1 - Captain Blackbeard
Year 2 - Florence Nightingale
Year 3 - Jessica Ennis-Hill
Year 4 - Sir David Attenborough
Year 5 - Captain Cook

Year 1 Creative Week - On Monday Y1 were sent on a quest by Captain Jack Sparrow to find some treasure. They followed a map all the way to Blackpool Beach where they found some golden coins buried beneath the sand!

Year 3 Creative Week - Last week in Year 3, we became Olympians! We’ve been learning all about Jessica Ennis-Hill. She is a very successful athlete who competed in the heptathlon. In total, she has 7 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. We also went back in time and learnt all about the Ancient Olympics. Things have changed a lot since then! First of all, there used to be only 1 race and women were not allowed to compete or even watch. Not only did athletes run with no shoes on, they didn’t wear any clothes either! We made Olympic torches and paraded them around the school before we took part in our very own Olym pics. During the Olympics not only did we demonstrate our sporting ability but also how we can all be good sports. We’ve all had a super time in a Year 3 last week - watch out for some of us in the future Olympics!

Their final conclusion assembly took place on Friday when the children shared their experiences of the week so far. A huge thank you to the students from Cumbria - we have very much enjoyed having you as part of our team.