Thank you to everyone that took part in the Sumdog Blackpool Maths Contest. 18 classes entered the competition, 13 classes qualified, 354 students played, 123,272 questions were answered and of those 105,515 questions were answered correctly. The overall winner was our very own Year 5 class followed by Year 3. We also had 4 children in the top 10 and 23 children in the top 50! So a special mention to our top 50 children who were Ryan Wright, Mikolaj Sowa, Mollie Yates, Kyle Evans, Jessica Wozniak, Riley Khan, Sonny Moseley, Tommy Sykes, Daniel Mastin, Filip Pasek, Roksana Raczek, Victoria Kuk, Jaxon Jenskins, Alexandru Trandafir, Victor Posylek, Summer Moseley, Noah Watkin, Holly Hill, Eryk Magon, Libby-Mae Heywood, Filip Sawicki, Amelia Grzesiuk and Kai Owdienko. Well done everybody!

  Top 10 Classes   
Position School and Year  Score
 1st Y5 St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy   623
 2nd Y3 St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy  422
 3rd Y5 Christ The King Catholic Academy 396 

  Top 10 Students   
Position Name and Class Score
5th  Ryan Wright Y5 953 
6th Mikolaj Sowa Y5 951
9th Mollie Yates Y6 946
10th Kyle Evans Y5 946