World Book Day

World Book Day 2020

What a wonderful set of costumes were on show at school yesterday, the children’s efforts were again impressive.  The home made costumes in particular stood out again this year. Our Literacy team have worked very hard in recent weeks to ensure that the day was a real success.  

The winners for the best costume were:-

Pre-school  - Julia Kolakowska
Reception  - Sarah Wylezek Stephens
Year 1   - Michael Tirado
Year 2  - Suvd Gantulga
Year 3  - Harry Jay
Year 4  - Tilly Jay Leahy
Year 5  - Elise Fish
Year 6  - Jodie Ryan

The winners for the best potato character were Nicola Tokaj, Jake Broadbent, Petra Kocs, Alex Budzko, Keira Khan, Amelia Zygowska, Tomasz Orzechowski, Filip Sawicki, Julia Worsztynowicz, Jacob Mossman, Klaudia Trela, David Dec, Ryan Wright, Matylda Kornas and Eryk Magon. Well done everyone!