When will school reopen?

School reopens on Thursday 3rd September 2020. We are staggering entry and exit of school over a half hour window. We want to keep “waiting” time for parents to a minimum so ask that you only arrive within the time slots
recorded below.

Our youngest children arrive first. If you have more than one child drop off that are in different key stages, drop your youngest child towards the end of your ten minute time slot recorded below and then move to drop off the older sibling immediately after that.

 ARRIVAL  One Way System to classroom door  Siblings
 EYFS  8.45 - 8.55am 8.50 - 8.55am
 Year 1  8.45 - 8.55am 8.50 - 8.55am
 Year 2  8.45 - 8.55am 8.50 - 8.55am
 Year 3 8.55 - 9am 8.50 - 8.55am
 Year 4 8.55 - 9am 8.50 - 8.55am
 Year 5 8.55 - 9am 8.50 - 8.55am
 Year 6 8.55 - 9am 8.50 - 8.55am


 DEPART  One Way System to classroom door  Siblings
 EYFS 3.15pm 3.20pm
 Year 1 3.15pm 3.20pm
 Year 2 3.15pm 3.20pm
 Year 3 3.25pm 3.20pm
 Year 4 3.25pm 3.20pm
 Year 5 3.25pm 3.20pm
 Year 6 3.25pm 3.20pm


For example: If you have a child in Year 1 and Year 4 you drop off your Year 1 child as close to 8.50am as you can and then move to take your Year 4 child in the 8.55am - 9am slot. In order for the system to work as effectively as possible we need families to stick to these times.